• The Relationship Vacation

  • Do you need a vacation from your relationship? Does a getaway from the fighting, conflict, or silence sound like exactly what the doctor ordered? As a couples therapy specialist, I say, Go for it!

    Envision it. Sunny South Florida. Teal blue ocean waters, soft sand beaches. Palm trees. Bikinis. Cocktails. Can you feel the salt air blowing through your hair yet?

    Peace. Tranquility. Relaxation. Rejuvenation. YOU deserve it. 

    Think about it. When was the last time you got away? The last time you took a long walk on a gorgeous beach? The last time you took time for yourself, away from the chaos? 

    Regardless of where you live, it’s but a drive or flight away. It’s but a decision away. A choice, which you hold the key to. Take your tired, frazzled, overwhelmed self on a relationship vacation. 

    Now if you’re picturing yourself solo on that beautiful sand beach, I’d like you to reconsider. Uh. Em. Inviting your partner. You may not think they deserve it, but if they’re living in the same household, experiencing the same discord, the same frustration, I’m going to venture to guess that they too need a relationship vacation. 

    So what does that mean, relationship vacation? It means pushing the pause button on the current dysfunction, disrespect, and discord. It means taking a journey to Palm Beach, Florida, where you’ll not only get the R & R you so desperately need, but you’ll also get me - a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in helping couples revitalize their relationship in a way that will literally change your life. If you let it. If you’re willing to invest the time, energy, and finances necessary to bring you back from the brink of divorce. To bring you out of those unhealthy cycles of hurting and punishing each other. To reach a long needed new norm. One where you feel loved, respected, heard, important. 

    Studies show us couples wait on average six years from the onset of relationship problems to seek professional help. It’s not that these couples don’t care or like living in misery or aren’t trying to change things. These couples are good people. Regular people who want to be happy, who want to quit fighting, who want to love each other, they just don’t know how. They’ve lost the couple they once were somewhere along the way and turned into an unrecognizable union filled with hurt, resentment, anger, and hopelessness. 

    I can tell you, as a couples therapy specialist, I’ve seen so many of these couples on my couch and because I’ve had the honor of walking alongside them through healing and change, I can tell you with absolute confidence that if you’re willing to do the work, you CAN change. You can change your relationship, yourself, your household. It is totally possible. And guess what? It’s a hell of a lot easier than you probably think. 

    Allow me to facilitate those painful conversations so you can both be heard in a whole new way. Let me shed some light on unhealthy patterns that have taken a stranglehold on your relationship. Give me the opportunity to teach you a different way to engage with each other. Work with me to create a whole new relationship- with the same two people. THAT was the purpose behind me creating the Private Couples Retreat. 

    You see, the relationship vacation looks like this - three days and two nights in sunny South Florida. Twelve hours of intense clinical work in my office and the remainder of your stay to relax. Together. To have fun. Together. To play. Together. A chance to connect on a deeper level in and out of therapy. You have no idea how powerful it would be. How much change can be accomplished. How much hurt can be healed. How different your communication with each other would be. Life changing. All it takes is two willing partners and a little trip down south. 

    Romantic getaway meets intense clinical work to create the relationship vacation. It’s but a decision away. You deserve it. 

    This experience is done with only one couple at a time and can be tailored to your specific needs. If you’d like me to plan everything down to the details, done. The all-inclusive three day, two night getaway is $5,000. This includes everything except airfare. 

    Would you rather take the reigns on planning? No problem. Either way the clinical hours are provided at my normal rate, $175 per hour. No up charge for nights or weekends. 

    If you research private couples retreats across the US you’ll find many clinicians charge $5,000 for the clinical hours alone. Not me. I want this relationship vacation to be affordable for my clients. 

    If you take the full package, which includes fifteen clinical hours, one online session prior to the retreat and two follow up sessions online after the retreat, with twelve clinical hours during your stay in Palm Beach, the cost of therapy is $2,625. 

    Want more or less clinical hours? No problem. This experience is completely customizable. I will work directly with the two of you to create the relationship vacation that will best serve and suit you. 

    Invest. Invest in yourself, your relationship, your future. Trust me, it WILL be worth it. (And way cheaper than divorce.) 

    I truly look forward to helping you step into the brighter tomorrow you two so deserve.  See you soon!


    PS.  Retreats are now available for individuals (Healing Trauma Retreat), teens (Teenage Angst Retreat), and professionals (Business Development Retreat).