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  • A myriad of issues and dynamics brought you to this page.  You're doing your research and due diligence, for which I applaud you. Choosing a therapist whom you will feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and troubles with can be an intimidating and daunting task.  In effort to help you determine if I might be the right fit, I've included as much information about myself and my practice on this website as possible.  I really strive to offer transparency from the time we first meet here (How do you do!) and encourage you to read an entry or two from my blog to get a feel for my style.  I understand the specific situation that led you to this page is unique, which is why I offer three styles of therapeutic options. 

    Oceanside Private Couple's Retreat

    I created the Oceanside Private Couple's Retreat to be the perfect blend of romantic getaway and intensive couple's therapy.  This three day, two night exclusive experience is offered to only one couple at a time.  You'll be improving your relationship through a mixture of romantic experiences outside my office and deep clinical work in my office.  If your schedule is hectic or not conducive to weekly couple's therapy sessions, this retreat was crafted with you in mind.  The investment is $2,625 for 15 hours of therapy, much more cost effective than divorce, and a worthwhile use of time, energy, and finances.  Unlike other retreats, I do not upcharge for my services.  I charge my hourly rate of $175 per sixty minutes and the amount of time purchased for the retreat is customizable.  Retreats are now available for individuals (Healing Trauma Retreat), teens (Teenage Angst Retreat), and professionals (Business Development Retreat).   Three follow up sessions to be conducted via HIPAA compliant Doxy.me are included in the package price.

    Marathon Therapy

    If the thought of ripping the bandaid off week after week makes you cringe and you're looking for a more immediate and drastic change, I highly recommend marathon therapy.  Marathon therapy begins as any clinical journey should, with a thorough assessment of the generational cycles of dysfunction.  The major difference of marathon therapy is the timeframe in which it is completed.  Marathon sessions typically last for three to six hours daily and may be done for several consecutive days.  The actual amount of time required varies by couple. Once the marathon sessions are completed, follow up sessions are scheduled as needed to support and reinforce changes made.    

    Weekly Therapy

    If you're looking for the more traditional approach to increasing the health and happiness of yourself and your relationships, weekly therapy is the way to go.  I recommend my clients attend at least one sixty minute session per week.  Extended sessions are also available.  Scheduling a standing weekly appointment improves therapeutic compliance and therefore promotes a more optimal outcome.

    To cut down on the time and cost of therapy as well as to ensure a thorough assessment of the strengths and growth areas, I use The Gottman Relationship Check Up with my couples. 

    Regardless of the specific therapeutic service you're seeking, consistency is key to achieving the most optimal results. Not only is attending session regularly important, but so too is implementing the concepts and strategies discussed in therapy.  You hold the reigns of your growth, so invest the time and effort necessary to genuinely make the changes you seek. You deserve it. Truly. 

    Additional Offerings

    Online Therapy

    I understand circumstances are sometimes such that traveling to a local therapist office is unrealistic for a number of reasons.  To serve those of you falling into this category, I currently offer online sessions via HIPAA compliant Doxy.me for those seeking therapy in Florida and abroad.  Doxy.me itself is free for clients and has been a very reliable means of conducting therapy online in my experience.

    Concierge Therapy

    While I have comfortable office space with which to ensure privacy, I also recognize an office setting is not necessarily the most authentic to my clients.  Diving into your most traumatic experiences and deepest secrets requires feeling safe and secure.  The setting in which that occurs is tailored to you.  Whether you'd prefer to meet at the beach, by my pool in the cabana, at the zen garden in my Boynton Beach office location, or in your own home, my priority is meeting you where you will feel most comfortable and where our sessions will be most productive.  Concierge Therapy is particularly beneficial for clients suffering with social anxiety, phobias such as fear of flying, for overcoming inability to follow through on tasks such as dental work, and struggling to gain control over children in the home.  


    $175 per 60-minute session.  An important distinction to make is the amount of time provided in session.  Unlike other therapists whose hour is 45 minutes in length, I know fifteen minutes in the span of an hour provides an opportunity for more in depth discovery and greater growth.  While I have boundaries around time, I am not the clinician to have a clock in my office and I rarely wear a watch.  As a private practice owner, I have the luxury of scheduling my appointments at my convenience and therefore try not to schedule sessions back to back, as I realize the benefits of a few extra minutes to process the topic at hand fully rather than cutting the session short due to an imaginary hourglass.  This fee also includes free call and text support (within reason) in between sessions and access to groups available only to Oceanside Private Practice clients.


    Although I do not accept insurance, I am happy to provide documentation for clients seeking reimbursement for out of network benefits. 

    Cancellation Policy

    If you fail to attend your scheduled therapy appointment and have not provided at least 24 hours notice in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.