• Hello there

  • Hello and welcome to my blog! 

    My intention for launching Not Your Mother’s Marriage was to provide free resources to couples seeking to improve their relationship. 

    I settled on the title not to be a dig at moms (anyone who knows me will tell you my mom is one of my best friends) but to acknowledge that the unions being forged in today’s society (regardless of age) are much different from those of previous generations.  Sure, we will encounter similar struggles our parents and grandparents faced, but the response to those difficulties have changed over time. 

  • My hope is to use this forum to generate a marriage revolution, a change in the way we think about and engage in relationships with our spouses. 

    This blog is not meant to be silent, stuffy, or filled with professional jargon.  Rather, it’s simply a compilation of my thoughts based on what I’ve gleaned through my education, personal relationships, and clinical experience. 

    Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome and I encourage you to share posts you find helpful as well as connect with me on social media.  If I can be of any assistance in your journey to enjoying a passionate, desired relationship, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Check back for new content. 

    Best wishes,