• Private Couple’s Retreat

  • There comes a time in every relationship that a vacation just won’t do.  Sure, the two of you are in desperate need of a getaway, but something deep within urges for more than just sand, sun, and fun.  While you could both use some rejuvenation, so too could your relationship.  If this resonates with you, then you have come to the right place at just the right time.

  • Consider this:  A private couple’s retreat.  But not your average, run of the mill retreat where you pay a ridiculous fee for therapy and are left to your own devices to rent a car, find a hotel, and plan out meals and activities.  That, my dear, just isn’t my style.  No, the experience I envision for you is far more sophisticated.  What I intend for a couple as deserving as you two goes beyond the basic and supersedes expectations.

    Romantic getaway meets intensive relationship therapy = THE perfect, all-inclusive couple’s retreat, available exclusively through Oceanside Private Practice, LLC.  A perfect pairing of deep clinical work and romantic relaxation with an exotic backdrop of sunny south Florida, this retreat is too good to pass up.

    The Oceanside Distinction

    Selecting a couple’s retreat should be done with careful consideration.  You want to ensure you pick the right location, the right clinician, and the right package.  In effort of honoring your time, investment, and decision, I’ve researched other retreats throughout America so I may articulate the distinction between this and the many others available. 

    How is Oceanside Private Couple’s Retreat different?

    Let’s begin with the price.  Most retreats cost between $3,500 and $5,000 for the clinical work alone.  As a clinician who genuinely cares for my clients, it’s important that my couples see the value in their experience, not feel taken advantage of.  The total cost of each three day, two night private couple’s retreat is $4,000.  This price covers the cost of clinical hours, lodging, meals, local transportation, and amenities.  Airfare is excluded from this price.  Payment is due in full at time of booking and is nonrefundable.  A superbill is provided in the event you have out of network benefits and seek reimbursement from your insurance provider for therapeutic hours.

    The structure of the retreat also varies because it is not a group setting.  Only one couple is booked at a time to ensure the two of you will have my undivided attention.  Same day overlap is allowable when one couple departs in the morning and the second couple arrives in the afternoon.  However, even in this scenario one couple’s experience ends before the next begins.  While some couples may choose group retreats that book four to ten couples at a time, I want my couples to leave with a genuine sense of resolve and gain.  In my clinical opinion, this is most likely to occur when one clinician conducts intensive therapy with one couple the entirety of the experience.

    Yet another difference is my stance that no homework be given during the retreat.  I understand why many retreats require couples to complete homework during their stay, but I truly want to you have the best of both worlds – deep clinical work and a romantic getaway.  As a result, I ask you to compartmentalize your time by completing clinical work in my office and giving yourselves freedom outside the office to enjoy each other and the fun dates I have planned for you in this beautiful locale. 

    The final distinction I find important to mention is my clinical approach.  While many retreats are offered by couples who use their personal experiences in relationships to advise couples, this retreat is clinical in nature in that my education, training, and professional experience, not my personal opinions, guide the therapeutic process.  I do not offer coaching or mentoring services.  I offer couples therapy and am licensed to do so by the state of Florida.  You can take the guesswork out of who you’ll be working with because each couple works directly and solely with me.

    The Journey

    Because the quality of your experience is of utmost importance to me, I have crafted a detailed plan for your stay.  Each experience is three days and two nights in Jupiter, Florida.  Retreats may be booked for any three consecutive days, whatever is most convenient for your schedules.  Below I have outlined the specifics of your journey.  Whether you are booking this retreat as a staycation or vacation, the itinerary remains the same.  If there is an aspect I have not included which you find important, please feel free to communicate that desire with me and I will do my best to accommodate your request.  This is your getaway and I want you to be beyond thrilled with every last detail.    

    Prior to arrival:

    Our journey together begins before you land at Palm Beach International Airport.  In effort to assure maximum productivity during your stay, we will begin the therapeutic process prior to your arrival.  Once you both have determined this experience is just what you’ve been looking for, we will have a one hour introductory session via VSee to get to know each other, assess the current situation, and determine goals for our time together. 


    In addition to our initial session, I will email you both links to complete The Gottman Relationship Check Up.  You will complete the assessment, which will take thirty to forty-five minutes, separately online no later than one week prior to your arrival.  This clinical tool will save us valuable time by allowing me to prepare for our work together in advance.  Your honesty in answering questions on the assessment is key to our progress.  I will also email you intake paperwork to complete, sign, and return.


    Day One: 

    Avoid the headache of car rental as you are picked up at Palm Beach International Airport by a professional and courteous driver.  You will be whisked away to the ever-popular City Place for a scrumptious lunch to officially begin your private couple’s retreat.  At your leisure, you will be driven to my office for a three hour session, during which we will review the assessment results, prioritize goals for tomorrow, and verbalize needs.  From my office, your driver will take you to your upscale hotel, the Wyndham Grand Jupiter.  After check in, take some time to relax, unwind, and freshen up.  Grab a drink at the poolside bar before heading over to the Venetian Spa for some tlc.  Once you’ve been pampered into a state of bliss, your reservation at Deep Blu Seafood Grille awaits you.  The day may be over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end, as you retreat to your waterfront room.


    Day Two:

    Take some time this morning to explore Habourside Place.  Another Broken Egg is ideal for breakfast.  When you’re ready, your driver will bring you to my office for a three hour session in which we will address couple specific issues.  We’ll take an extended break for lunch as the two of you walk across the street for a catered picnic at the beautiful and peaceful Juno Ocean Park.  Refresh your mind and legs with a walk down the Juno Beach Pier.  At your leisure, return to my office for another three hour session; we’ll pick up where we left off earlier.  Once our work is done for the day, return to vacation mode as your driver takes you to the Wyndham.  Spend the remainder of the day as you wish.  Tonight you’ll enjoy another dinner date together, this time at a restaurant of your choosing in Harbourside Place.  When you return to your love nest, a romantic encounter will be awaiting you, because there’s just something special about the combination of rose petals, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries.


    Day Three: 

    Keep last night’s romance alive with the perfect start to your day, breakfast in bed.  Check out is at eleven, after which time your driver will deliver you to my office for our last three hour session.  We will use this time to discuss final thoughts, review progress, make statement of intentions moving forward, schedule your first follow up session, and give homework assignments for the next two weeks.  I will be sad to see the two of you go, but I am sure we will all relish in the feelings of productivity, resolution, and tremendous growth.  Unless you’re staying for a few extra days of fun, your driver will take you to the airport.



    Two follow up sessions are included in the package price.  Both sessions will be conducted via HIPAA compliant VSee to ensure the confidentiality of your information.  Both sessions will be scheduled at the convenience of the couple, within Oceanside’s hours of operation.  The first session is recommended for two weeks after the retreat.  The second session is recommended for one month after the retreat.  These sessions will provide an opportunity to assess progress, navigate any issues that arise afterward, etc.  


    The Next Step

    If this private couple’s retreat sounds like a piece of paradise you just can’t miss out on, take the next step and give me a call at (561) 386-5499.  We’ll take some time to talk, get to know each other, and answer any questions you may have.  Book the retreat and know that all the details will be handled personally by me.  I assure you, I intend to go above and beyond to provide the best experience possible.  I can’t wait to give you the opportunity to indulge in all that is amazing about this little slice of heaven we call South Florida.