Rediscover passion & connectionin your relationship after infertility
Couple Therapy Session


Is infertility robbing your marriage of joy and desire?  Has the journey to parenthood become a point of contention in your relationship?  Does sex feel more like a means to an end than an opportunity to please each other?  Do you constantly catch yourselves playing the blame game or giving the silent treatment?  Are you so focused on "building a family" that you've neglected the one you already have at home?  Do you wonder what happened to that couple you used to be?  If you find yourself slowly nodding in agreement, then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

Welcome to Oceanside Private Practice.  Here you will find a fresh approach to restoring your marriage after encountering the heartbreak that infertility brings.  In the comforts of a sophisticated office with an ocean view, we will work together to rekindle the love that got you down the aisle while overcoming hurt and resentment.  Through a mixture of approaches including Gottman Method Couples Therapy, we will forge a unique path for your relationship to walk through the healing process of change and growth.

With three options for couples therapy, we will tailor the approach that will work for your lifestyle.  No need to wait till the first session to get started though.  Click on over to my blog, Not Your Mother's Marriage, Relationship tips from an empty carriage therapist to gain some objective insights, new strategies to try, and a little hope to help you along the way.